NORSMA 2023 - The Nordic Research Network on Special Needs Education in Mathematics

The eleventh Conference of The Nordic Research network on Special Needs Education in Mathematics (NORSMA 11) will be held in DPU, Copenhagen in November 2023.

Please reserve NCUM yearly konference 2023 and Teacher's Day 22. November and Conference days 23. - 24. November 2023.

NORSMA 11 deals with important questions about mathematics and special education in the Nordic countries, where theories, empirical results and experiences from practice are presented. We are looking for both results from development and research already finalized, experiences from on-going work, and ideas for future collaboration. We are also interested in theoretical contributions to fundamental issues as what is meant by special needs education in mathematics and as how to characterize being in difficulties in mathematics.

Presentations and discussions are organized in themes and target groups. Themes include identification and teaching students in special needs in mathematics, strategies to prevent and intervene, teacher qualifications, and national policies on special needs and mathematics education. Target groups include children, adolescents, adults, diagnosed people, students in general and vocational education, second chance students and students in higher and professional education.  

The conference will be fertile ground for inspiration and co-learning across Nordic countries is provided, as education in the Nordic countries shares some similarities, but also differs. In addition, perspectives from outside the Nordic countries will be presented and discussed.

This website will be continuously updated with various deadlines, prices, program, call for paper, possible accommodation etc.

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