Theme of NORMA 24

The theme of NORMA 24 is:      

Interplay between research and teaching practice in mathematics education

The theme reflects on the one hand a strong tradition in mathematics education research in the Nordic countries for practicing and reflecting on the interplay between the development of teaching practices and of research (Jaworski, 2006; Grevholm, 2021). On the other hand, the choice of the theme reflects a pending need in the Nordic countries for research-based developments of teaching practice and of developments of research that can support this. This applies, especially in a time with new technological innovations such as artificial intelligence, but also the recognition that there is no straight forward way for supporting such developments. Therefore, with this conference theme, we aim to consider the complex relationship between the development of practice and research as part of our field of research.        

NORMA 24 aims to illuminate and investigate the interplay between research and practice with regard to all educational levels from preschool (kindergarten) to mathematics teacher education or other tertiary level mathematic education.  We welcome presentations that address the theme focusing on one or more of these educational levels. 

We aim to illuminate the theme through a variety of different types of presentations ranging from smaller or larger projects that seek to develop teaching practice based on methods and theories from research, to research that uses and develops theories or methods based on teaching practice. The central relevance criterion is that the relationship between the development of practice and of research is made explicit and subject of reflection.

We welcome all presentations within the theme of the conference. The following categories are for inspiration:

  • Studies on collaboration between teacher(s) and researcher(s)
  • Design-based research projects
  • The use of particular research-based methods or approaches in teaching -  for example Lesson studies and Inquiry based mathematics education
  • Professional development of pedagogues or teachers in small or large scale projects or other interventions studies
  • Classroom observation studies
  • Assessment studies
  • The theory - practice interplay in teacher education
  • Research-based curriculum design
  • Theoretical studies on the theme      

We also welcome joint presentations and co-authored papers by teachers and researchers.


Jaworski, B. (2006). Theory and practice in mathematics teaching development: Critical inquiry as a mode of learning in teaching. Journal of mathematics teacher education, 9(2), 187-211.

Grevholm, B. (2021). Recent Nordic research in mathematics education illustrated by examples from NORMA17. Mathematics, 9(8), 803.